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Classical Ballet ISTD Syllabus Grades

Classical Ballet is known for its technique and grace. This style is characterized by tradition and employs techniques that have been handed down over the centuries. Ballet will help children improve co-ordination, strength, body awareness and balance in a relaxed and enjoyable way. These classes are ideal for children from reception school age and up, and can lead to ballet examinations from Pre-Primary through the grades to Advanced.


Acrobatics combines dance and gymnastics. It teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline and concentration. This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic techniques and skills. Students will learn to achieve handstands, chin stands, elbow stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, balance, ariels, handsprings and many other skills. These classes start from children aged 4 years and up.

Modern Theatre ISTD Syllabus Grades

Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style that includes travelling steps, high kicks, leaps, isolations, floor work and turns. The style can be varied from more upbeat to slow and lyrical and it will help children develop their co-ordination, balance, flexibility and strength. These dynamic and varied classes teach modern dance technique and can lead to ISTD examinations. Classes start from reception age through to Advanced.

Tap Dance ISTD Syllabus Grades

In tap dance class, you’ll be training your musical ear as well as your body. Tap dancers use the metal taps on the toes and heels of their shoes to produce an endless variety of sounds and rhythms that differ in dynamics and even pitch. Tap dance classes have been hugely popular for many years. Our classes begin at Pre-Primary from Reception school age through the grades to Advanced and can lead to ISTD examinations.

Body Conditioning

We run several weekly classes for different age groups. These classes are fun, energetic and help build stamina, flexibility and strength. From the fun warm-ups to various exercises that focus on developing the students’ flexibility and strength. Young people can’t help but love these varied and diverse classes. They also work on key dance skills such as leaps, kicks and turns.

Mini Movers (Parents and Toddler class)

This is a fun and imaginative class, which introduces children to the beginnings of dance and movement. Here children will improve their co-ordination, balance, body awareness, motor skills and confidence. The children will have lots of fun using different props,  with exciting themes and music. This class is suitable for children from 18 months to 3 years old.

Adult Tap and Ballet

We run adult Tap and Classical Ballet recreational classes and encourage attendance from total beginners through to people with previous dance experience. These are a great way to improve your fitness, agility, flexibility and rhythm while learning new skills and making new friends.

Nursery Ballet

This is a class that again, has a real focus on being fun and asking the children to explore their imagination. It introduces children to the beginnings of ballet technique, dance and movement. Here children will improve their co-ordination, balance, strength, motor skills, and confidence while being taught the foundations of the ballet technique in a relaxed and safe environment. This is suitable for children from 3 years up to reception school age.

Pre-School Acro

These classes introduce children to the world of Acrobatics. Acro combines dance and gymnastics and these classes teach flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline & concentration from a young age. These classes are fun and imaginative, and children can learn the beginnings of Acro skills such as forward rolls, back bends and handstands.

Beginners Ballroom

We run blocks of classes for beginners in Ballroom. This genre covers many styles, including Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Jive and many more, all of which you will see on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing! These are uplifting and fun and will help improve flexibility, weight loss, conditioning and bring out your creative side! A great introduction to a genre of dance which is more popular than ever.

Wedding Dances

That all important but very nervous first dance! Choose from a course of lessons to make that special day just that little bit more comfortable and memorable. You can choose your own music and learn a dance or perhaps just a one-off lesson to learn a few steps for that momentous occasion. Either way with our help we can put you and your partner at ease.

School Holiday Workshops/Guest workshops

These fun-based holiday workshops run all year round including Summer, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.  These full-day sessions include dance, singing, and arts and crafts and are growing in popularity. We also run special guest workshops where West End Performers will come into our studios to run one-off workshops.  These are fantastic ways to introduce your child to dance and performing arts.

Musical theatre

Our musical theatre classes will give the students the opportunity to work on and enhance their singing, acting and dancing skills. students will work on vocal technique, build their confidence, drive and passion to perform whilst having lots of fun in our friendly and nurturing environment. Every Saturday Miss Louise will bring new music, fresh dance moves and song featured in popular musicals. Upcoming themed classes include pieces from ‘Matilda’, ‘Madagascar A Musical Adventure’ and ‘Annie’.